I'm sorry but we are no longer taking bookings as we are focusing on our new business www.jabulatents.co.uk

However if you have a camper of your own that you would like to advertise to hire on our website, do get in touch or read more.

Or if you would like to take over St Ives Campers business, contact us. 


For hire: Dobby, a T4 VW Hitop that sleeps 2 adults and up to 3 children. Fully equipped with lots of extras.



Earn Extra cash with your camper. We are offering to a select number of campers the opportunity to be advertised on our website.

Have a look at our list of many music festivals, beautiful places and activities that you can enjoy with your camper. From bed to beach in five minutes is an affordable reality with a camper & there's nothing better than a cosy cuppa in your camper overlooking the ocean. Camper for hire in Cornwall only, we like to keep him close to home. 

Interested in renting out your own camper? We are looking for a few more campers to add to our website.  Read more.